Smallville is a rural town

Smallville is located within driving distance of Metropolis and is near of Hub City, Edge City, Star City and Granville.

Smallville was just a small city until 1997 when it became the Meteor Capital of the World.

Life is centered on Main Street.

Smallville itself changed dramatically in the years following the first meteor shower. It was dubbed "America's Weirdest Town" by a national news magazine, and it seemed that strange, unexplainable things were always taking place in the quiet hamlet that seemed so normal on the surface. So Smallville was soon called "The Meteor Capital Of The World!" Bizarre occurrences -- such as a 150-pound tomato, a golden retriever that gave birth to a two-headed puppy, and the miraculous recovery of a critically ill woman given no chance to survive by her doctors -- became increasingly common in Smallville.


  • Smallville is the home for most of the characters.
  • Daniel and Bruno's House;
  • Mariana's House;
  • Inês's House;
  • Cristiana's House;
  • Diana's House;
  • Daniel Caramelo's Mansion;
  • Cassandra's House;
  • Leandra's House;
  • Sofia's House;
  • Joana's House;
  • Fábio's House;
  • Gonçalo's House;
  • João Marcelino's House;
  • José's House;
  • João Paquete's House;
  • João Miguel's House.

Other LocationsEdit

  • Smallville Retirement Center;
  • Smallville Medical Center;
  • Picado's medical Nursery: A greenhouse belonging to the family Of João Miguel Wich produced organic Vegetables. (Closed for using meteor rock based fertilizer);
  • Smallville's cemetery;
  • Smallville's Church.
  • LuthorCorp Secundary base;
  • Level 33.1;
  • Smallville High School;
  • Crater Lake;
  • The Talon;
  • Main Street.