Level 33.1 was a secret floor in Luthor Corp's Secundary base where LuthorCorp. stored and studied Metahumans

Season 1Edit

The BeginningEdit

Daniel and his friends discovered level 33.1 when they were investigating LuthorCorp.


Level 33.1 Jail

here they Met a guy with the ability of generating Tornado's, nothing else was known about him.


Level 33.1 Lab

When trying to get out of level 33.1, Daniel, Cristiana, Diana. Inês, Mariana and Cassandra were blasted with a smoke of gas, what made Mariana earn her powers.


The group was kidnapped and were held captive in level 33.1. But thanks to Cristiana and Leandra they've escaped, being teleported to the future.


Caramelo kidnaps the group and brings them to level 33.1 but they were able to escape.


Level 2 Level 1


Level 33.1 Plant

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